NFL Players Association Registered Player Financial Advisor

Frederick E. Hubler Jr. is a retired member of the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) Financial Advisor Program. The program, the first of its kind in professional sports, is designed to protect NFL players against fraud and unfair practices by financial advisors. It gives players access to financial advisors whose backgrounds have been pre-screened by the NFLPA.  

Much like anyone soon to retire, a professional athlete has a certain amount of time they are working and making money before they begin living off of their nest egg. They can't afford to trust just anyone with their money.  Mr. Hubler is proud to have been a part of this organization, one of only 270 advisors in the United States, and offer the opportunity to help clients plan their financial futures through the use of practices and programs like LIFE Vision. We believe allowing clients 24/7 access to their entire balance sheet of investments, liabilities, and assets in one location is one of the best ways to stay on top of your financial situation even if your career keeps you away from home. 

The key features of the program are:

  • All Financial Advisors must have appropriate professional qualifications to be eligible to participate, including a college degree, a minimum of three years of relevant experience in financial services or a master's degree such as an MBA or a Master's in Finance or J.D.
  • All Advisors must also be registered and hold some form of professional designation such as Certified Financial Planner® or FINRA qualification.
  • Every Advisor registered in the Program is subject to background checks and due diligence. No financial advisor will be eligible to participate if he or she has a criminal record, civil judgment, or regulatory history relating to fraud and similar offenses.
  • Financial Advisors are provided specialized training as to the needs of players and working with sports agents.

Watch a preview of our LIFE Vision program for professional athletes in action.

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